Competent Sampler

If you believe there is asbestos in your property we can provide a qualified sampler to take samples at your property and complete a sample analysis on those samples.

This service is used to identify if a certain material or location in the property contains asbestos. The sampler will take the sample or samples in a safe and lawful way and will make sure that there is no harm to yourself or the occupants at the property. You will then be provided with an IANZ accredited report detailing if asbestos was found within 48 hours of the sample being received.

Asbestos sampling is an intrusive process but the sampler will select the most discreet locations to take the sample to cause further damage to the property or material.

Call out fee + 30 minutes time on-site: $219+gst
IANZ Sample Analysis: $55.00+gst (per sample)