Asbestos Refurbishment Survey from $885 + gst

A Refurbishment Survey is required when the work you are carrying out on a building or structure is designed to change or upgrade it. This is different to minor maintenance, which is about maintaining what you have. 

If your property fits the criteria above, then you have a duty to identify any asbestos before any refurbishment work is started. You must ensure that the asbestos is removed before the refurbishment has started (unless demolition is required to gain access to the asbestos).

Please note that for an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey you are required by law to have all samples analysed to understands where asbestos is located within the property. The sampling method is intrusive as often asbestos can be hidden in hard to get to areas.

The level of competency and knowledge needed for a Asbestos Refurbishment Survey is greater than for Asbestos Management survey, and the intrusive nature of these surveys presents more health and safety risks.


The Asbestos Regulations require all asbestos likely to be disturbed by the refurbishment  work to be identified and removed, so far as is reasonably practicable, before the work commences.

What is included in our Asbestos Refurbishment Surveys:

Per Single dwelling

Amount of time onsite: 3hours
Travel radius: 50kms or 1hr drive time from
Samples taken: As many as required

Additional fees if any:

  • Onsite cost: $40+gst per additional 15min

  • Extra cost outside standard travel radius: Travel time $23+ gst per 15min, $0.95c per km

  • Sample Analysis cost: $55.00+gst per sample.

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